Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, July 12, 2013

Say Cheese

Sir Grouchola had a photo shoot today.
Not the best day to have it scheduled.
He was unhappy from the minute he woke up until bedtime.

 He had an appointment to get his picture taken for the 2014 Down syndrome calendar.
It really could have gone better.
The poor photographer told me he got 4 pictures-- 5 max.
But he thinks at least a few of them will work.
 After the quasi photo shoot, we stopped by the park to meet Greer and Reese
who had gone earlier with friends.
Our visit didn't last too long before it was time for Keanut to
get home for a nap.
When the girls got home, we realized Greer had left her bag and
her special water bottle she had bought on her trip to Texas.
She sobbed through dinner... and so we promised we'd
go back after we ate.
She and Reese both said a prayer hoping they'd find the lost items.
Byron and I "prepped"them for failure... telling the girls
that sometimes the Lord doesn't answer our prayers so we can
learn a lesson -- like being more careful with our belongings.
Silly parents-- oh ye of such little faith!!!
Hours after leaving the park, we went back and found the items
in the exact spot where they had been left.
Which is amazing-- in that this park is slated to have a massive
free movie night tonight.
It was packed.
 It was quite the sweet experience.
That, and the time as a family we got to play on the giant musical
instruments in the park.