Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Silver Linings and Purple Stained Hands

Mister Crankypants still doesn't feel great.  But he's a whole lot better than
he was the other night.  So for that, I'm thankful.
Greer took this picture today on her ipod and gushed about it being the cutest ever.
Personally, I think with his blotchy red face, it makes Kean look like he's been
nipping at the liquor!  He goes back on Steroids on Tuesday
so all this teenage acne stuff should once again start clearing up.
I guess here's my proof if one searches hard enough, one can find a silver lining to almost anything.
I hate, hate, hate those blasted Steroids but they do work wonders on his face.
 We got up with the sun this morning to pick blackberries before
it got too hot.  Reese... bless her sweet soul, bundled up in her
winter ski jacket.  Wish I would've gotten a picture of that spectacle.
It did get into the 90's today.
 We picked 10 1/2 gallons this morning.
I'm a bit worried.  This is only our second real picking
with many more to come.
Please let me know if you want some of the girls' Barker Berries.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have to get pretty creative about
what to do with all these berries.