Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yee Haw

Hopefully, you are out enjoying the Fourth's fireworks instead of reading this!
But, boy, oh boy, did we have a fun packed day.
Kean had his third horse therapy lesson and I swear, he is already a pro.
 He rode the entire session (30 minutes) and was smiling and loving every minute.
In fact, he was pushing both of us on either side of him away-- he didn't want us to hold on to him.
Our now favorite horse, Reba was perfect.  She'd snort and Kean would snort.
Watch out Special Olympics... I think we have a contender.
Kean hung out with Grammy and Grandpa while the rest of us headed to Middleton
for their country fourth of July parade.  
 One of my best friends in the world, Stacy Fuller and her family
are in visiting from Arizona.
The parade was great... lots of candy for the kids, horses, antique cars
and even fire trucks that squirted down the crowd.
 We walked around after the parade to see all the antique cars.
Then we all headed to Grandpa Bodily's to swim for a few hours.
Finally, we headed back to my folks for BBQ ribs, salmon
and all kinds of yummy food.
Joining all of us, were my parents neighbors-- we celebrated Crickett's
birthday with patriotic cupcakes made by Katy.
 This is my mom's neighbor, Janice.  We all have fallen in love with her
and her family.  She is in the throes of fighting for her life.
She has a very aggressive form of Uterine Cancer.
We all get together and swap horror stories of her meds
and Kean's meds.  Her nausea experiences and Kean's nausea experiences.
I think Kean inspires her to keep fighting.
And she certainly inspires us to keep fighting.