Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let's Get Physical

All is back to our normal now that the girls (and Byron, who was out of town yesterday)
are home.
In fact, the girls couldn't get enough of their dad this morning...
I'll not name names but one of them was so excited in this picture, she
drooled all over her dad.
Gross but funny.
 We picked about two gallons of blackberries this morning.
Yes, the girls will be selling them again this summer
to save money to take Kean to Disneyland when he is
done with his Chemo.
So get on the list if you are interested.
 Kean had a big day today, even though he's made it quite vocally
clear that he's not been feeling too good these past few days.
Desh, his Orthopedist made a house call yesterday to fit
him with his new foot braces.
They have little cars on them!
 These are his old "Keanut Gump" braces that
Desh took with her.  She sends these old ones
to kids in Ecuador.
I told you he had a big day.... today we headed
down to Kaleidoscope, the therapy gym run by several
of Kean's therapists.
Andrea made special arrangements for him to go today by himself
and after the place had been deep cleaned.
Let's just say he was in hog heaven.
In fact, Andrea figures she got more work out of him
today than she's gotten in the last six home visits combined.
So after all the hard work on the ladder, he gets to go down
this bumpy slide-- and loves it!
It was a real treat for him
and a real workout.
He fell asleep on the way home.