Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, July 7, 2013


As is our family tradition, we spent Sunday evening at my folk's house.
Kean has a new passion-- Drum Stick Ice Cream with a fudge center.
Given a choice of bacon or a Drum Stick-- I'm really not sure which he'd choose.
 We also crossed the street to visit our dear friend Janice, her husband Bob and her mom, Crickett.
Janice, if you remember, has an extremely aggressive form of Cancer.
Months of brutal Radiation and Chemotherapy have done nothing.
The tumors in her stomach have doubled in size and the doctors
here have told her there is nothing more they can do.
So she and her family are heading to the Cleveland Clinic and the University of Ohio
with the hopes of having surgery and getting on some type of experimental treatment.
The girls have sung for her in the past and she has "claimed" to love it...
so they went over tonight with a big poster they made for her and put on a show.
 Here's a little taste of their repertoire.
They really tried to keep it fun and entertaining.
We hate to see them go... but we know this is her one shot at saving her life.
Keep her in your prayers.  We will.
She's a pretty special lady and we sure hope her positive attitude
will put her over into the beating Cancer category.