Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Last Hurrah

It is a good thing Kean is totally unaware of his schedule.
He's got a big day of Chemo set for tomorow at the hospital.
So tonight... we feasted.
My mom and Greer are still out of town, so we had my dad over
and some of our dearest friends, Ron and Elly Moomey.
 I think Kean was totally salivating at the desserts Elly brought...
 Actually, we all were.  He just showed it more than the rest of us.
And yes, I did say desserts- plural.
Elly is a total over achiever when it comes to the kitchen.
We were quite spoiled tonight.
Pray for good counts, a boy who doesn't complain that he's being starved for the morning,
a mom who is calm, doctors to be brilliant and all to go well as
they put Chemo in his spine and brain.
I keep reminding myself for every one of these we have, we are that
much closer to being done- done- done!