Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello Baldapalooza, Hello

You know how we've been working on a big fundraiser for the children's Cancer unit here?
It finally has all come together.
We have 3 stand-outs from the TV show The Voice putting on a
family friendly music festival on September 14th... plus some great bands.
To kick things off, some friends put a float together for our Eagle Fun Days parade.
We had this fabulous local band play through the parade and my two oldest
joined several other kids in passing out post cards.
Here's a taste of the band as we lined up and got ready to go.
Reese and I rode in the back of the pick up pulling the trailer.
So we had a perfect view.
 We figured we passed out a thousand post cards...
so now we keep our fingers crossed that folks will go to the website
and buy tickets or donate.
Here's a shot of all the folks who made today happen. 
Check out our website:
for tickets and more info.  We are getting there.
Of course, none of us knew what we were really getting in
to until it was too late,
This thing has gotten huge... but it is so exciting and we are having
a grand time (so far).
Ask me if I still feel that way after September 14th.