Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bird Bites

Oh this boy is going to drive me to an early death.
He's still not eating much of anything.
Thank heavens he's still drinking his uber high calorie vitamin boosted milk with Pediasure.
I'm just running out of food options.
He will hardly eat even his old favorites.
Don't know if these pictures tell the story but his face is
broken out-- again. Horribly.
He looks like a pimply teen.
And now I can't tell if he has a pimple on the lower lid of his
right eye or if he's getting an eye infection.
Let's hope it is nothing.
We are scheduled as a family to go on a white water rafting
trip tomorrow (my mom will stay with Kean).
A company is taking a bunch of us Cancer families
down the river for the day.  We've been planning it for
quite some time.  Here's hoping Boy Wonder
continues to live up to his moniker.