Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Chemo Dance

Life is so much easier now than it was just a short while ago.
We used to head to the hospital every week for Chemo through Kean's port.
Now it is just once a month.
And that is a beautiful thing.
He's still on oral Chemos at home every night and every Wednesday
but wow, has our life settled down compared to how it was.
Today's Chemo date?  Well, we kind of had a double date.
Amber Allen (on the left) was our date and once at the hospital,
we hooked up with Zoe Bullard who works for the St. Luke's Foundation--
she's the one helping us pull the Baldapalooza Music Festival together
since it's benefiting St. Luke's.
As you can tell, we are starting to get posters out everywhere-- pretty exciting.
 Kean was a rock star at Chemo today... flirting with his "ladies"...
really, the nurses there are so fun.
They always sing and dance for him while he's getting his blood draws and vitals.
 And Chemo really wasn't too bad... only one drug today intravenously-- Vincristine.
This one makes him a bit nauseous and can cause jaw pain and tingling in the feet.
So tomorrow with his two therapists coming should be interesting-- as always.
Notice he's watching Cars again?
We did run upstairs to see my cousin Ginger who is on hospital
bedrest.  She is 30 weeks pregnant and has lost all of her amniotic fluid.
She's already been there 2 weeks and they want her to try and last another 4
and get this--- she is in my old room!!!!!!!!
Crazy memories going to visit her and seeing her in the bed where I spent
eleven weeks.
As I told her, it's all mental.  If she can keep her head in the game, she'll
get through this.  I feel for her though, she has three little boys at home.
Her oldest is Reese's age.
For me, that was probably the hardest... being gone from the girls
and hoping this forced staycation wouldn't impact them too much.
But let me let you in on a little Barker secret-- we don't save for
our children's college funds-- instead we just save for their therapy.
After all we've been through, I'm certain we need to add a considerable amount
to that fund.