Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, July 26, 2013

I So Hate It When I'm Right...

At least in this case.
I just knew we were headed to the Emergency Room...
and unfortunately, we did end up there.
Of course, it's always in the middle of the night.
Darn runny nose seems to always turn into Croup--
where his airways are so restricted he can't breathe.
We've been through it so many times this past year,
I don't even get stressed anymore (well, just a little).
By the time we got to the E.R.-- I think the cooler night
air and sitting up right in his car seat on the ride clear downtown,
helped his breathing.
They gave him a shot of Decadron and it is amazing
how quickly that stuff works.

In fact, we were only gone a few hours-- a record for a trip to the E.R.
Still, by the time we got home, Kean tucked in bed and
me in bed-- Byron's alarm went off about five minutes later.
Sleep is highly over-rated.
I'm trying to convince myself of that anyway.
A special thanks to Heather Davis
for taking my girls today
so Kean and I could both get
a good nap in.
I'm feeling human again
and he sure seems a lot better than he was.


Dustin Simpson said...

Lonni, I felt for you today...I honestly don't know how you do it all. Hopefully you're not cursing my name this next month as Balda gets closer. I would love for you not to have to worry about anything and just enjoy it. Please let me know what if anything I/we can do to help. :-)