Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bionic Boy

I could tell Kean was off today-- but geez, who wouldn't be after the doses of Chemo
he got yesterday through the Spinal Tap, then one in his port and finally one
orally at bedtime.
He only threw up once today-- so he's definitely turning a corner.
Personally, I think the boy really doesn't know any different than
probably feeling a bit rotten here and there.
He sure is a trooper.
Case in point, my friend Pam Brown dropped in today, just in time to
accompany us for his hearing aid fitting.

 Kean wasn't too thrilled with the whole process
but he put up with it (and us).
 Poor guy.  He really just wanted us to leave him alone
so he could watch Cars.
His new hearing aid seems to fit him great.
But the real work will start tomorrow when I try to get him
to actually wear it and not pull it out.
May the odds ever be in my favor!