Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Modern Day Pony Express

Thank heavens for the Internet.
We got word.. well proof that at least two of our three girls are alive and well.
Camp Rainbow Gold posted a bunch of pictures on their face book page.
That's Reese second from the left -- with the rest of the kids from her cabin.
 And yes, that gadfly is Greer.
She looks like she is totally in her element.
Today's agenda called for a hike, ice skating and a big dance tonight.
Party Central!
 Kean's been partly grouchy for the day.
Please notice his hearing aid.
We're slowly making progress.
Today, especially during "speech time".
We're really working on the word "motorcycle"
(probably the most important word in the entire vocabulary-- according to him).
 He got so caught up in playing with his motorcycle...
 that he forgot to yank out his hearing aid for a while.
Like I said, progress.
 We got a good laugh tonight.
After dinner, he was whining and acting like he was miserable
until Byron asked if he wanted to go for a motorcycle ride.
I tell ya, you've never seen such a miraculous healing!