Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Very Bitter and the Sweet

We're pretty emotional and somber over here.
We got news today that one of our cancer buddies passed away--
10 year-old, Gage Driskoll.
We had him on stage in September for Baldapalooza--
he charmed and won the hearts of several of our artists
who ended up serenading him.
Here he is with half of the duo, Midas Whale.
 And here's Gage and his family with singer, Amy Whitcomb.
 Even then, we knew his time with us was limited.  He had thousands
of tumors in his brain and up and down his spine.  None of the experimental
treatments he's been trying during the last few months worked against the cancer.
It just makes me sad.  I feel for his family -- how do you begin to understand
why some children survive and some don't.  
I guess those of us who have children who are surviving feel a twinge of guilt.
Do you think that is normal?
On a somewhat brighter note, we got to go and visit our dear friend Chelsea.
She worked last summer with Kean-- you'll probably remember her.
We love her and consider her part of the family.
She's been having horrific headaches for months and months and just
got home from having surgery on her occipital nerve.
The girls made her a "candy get well card" to cheer her up.
 And lookey at what her mom, Calene made for the girls-- the cutest
knit hats ever.
There sure is a lot of love out there.