Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 3, 2014

In Living Color

Lucky me... I got to go to the dentist today.
I cracked a crown (pretty sure from stress clenching at night)!
Kean went to therapy school and was just "okay" according to 
the therapists who worked with him today.
They said they can sure tell when he's on Steroids.
Thankfully, the "roid rage" is only a week out of each month.
I'm off to bed but wanted to share a little bright spot.
Our friends at Camp Rainbow Gold sent us a copy of an article
on our wonderful Winter Retreat in December- complete with
a few pictures of our family and a quote from Greer about 
bacon maple donuts.
I have no idea how to put a pdf into this blog but if you want 
to see the write up in this Sun Valley magazine go to the link
below and scroll to pages 110 through 112.
It's captures how magical those days were for us up in the mountains.