Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kean OK

I guess one day of feeling better was supposed to be enough.
'Cause we sure had another rough one today.
Just like last Sunday, Kean did not wake up this morning.
(He's usually the first one up).
When I went to get him up, he was drenched in sweat and completely
comatose again.
This is what he looked like after we brought him downstairs and changed his diaper!
(Shaved another five years off my life today-- it's adding up)!
 This time they had us take him downtown to the E.R. for testing.
Poor guy was like this-- lethargic, listless and completely out of it
for the first 5 or 6 hours.
They kept interrupting his sleep to take blood twice, give him fluids,
X-ray his chest and catheterize him TWO TIMES to try and get urine!!!
Are all hospitals torture chambers?
 Here's the scoop.  Or the suspicion.  They think he has either suffered a seizure
and they are sending us to a Pediatric Neurologist (yippee, just what I was hoping for--
another doctor to add to our stable) or that he is fighting a virus.
His blood counts are good but he showed a couple of blips that make the doc
think these two things might be the culprit.  This is the fourth time in five months that he's had one 
of these episodes.
Thankfully, after perking up and eating two whole orange Popsicles,
they let us go home after our seven hour little jaunt!
 The girls were all so excited to see their little brother come home happy and back in form.
Reese told me she was so scared that she had written Kean on her hand.
When she heard he was coming home, she went back and added "OK".
Byron took Holland and Reese to our friend's cabin in McCall
for an overnight getaway.  The plan was for all of us to go and take a much 
needed break.
Oh well.  Another time.  Another day.