Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Dull Roar

Life has settled back down to a dull roar.
I think that's just how we roll around here- at least for now.
I did some research on the computer today-- don't know if that was a good idea or a bad one.
Two of the Chemo drugs Kean takes (one each night, one once a week)
both have been known to cause seizures in kids with his type of Cancer.
So guess what' I'm leaning towards as the reason for his "episodes".
I'll have to wait for the Neurologist and his battery of tests to see for sure.

While Kean napped this afternoon, I ran over to the girls school to hear Greer present her Pace project.
The kids spend months in the fifth grade studying the Constitution.  That research culminates
with each student having to present a speech (they research and write it entirely at school)
on an assigned topic.  Greer got "How does the Constitution protect Freedom
of Expression".  Today was practice day for the parents.  On Thursday, she and her 
fellow students have to present to a panel of adults.  After they each give a speech,
the kids in her group have to answer questions from the panel 
about the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment.
Talk about pressure!!!
They all did great.
Get this, at the exact same time Greer was giving her big speech,
Holland was serving as the co-emcee for her school's President's Day assembly.
She dazzled (at least in her mother's opinion).
Tonight was crazeee at home!
My wonderfully talented friend, Sheryl Alderman
brought all of her tools over to the house and gave Holland, Reese
and Kean much needed haircuts.
This picture is BEFORE Kean completely freaked out.
We decided he did not like the electric clippers buzzing in his ears.
I swear he screamed and bucked almost as much as he did in the E.R.
on Sunday when they were catheterizing him!
 Of course Reese and Holland were star pupils.
I told Sheryl she should earn combat pay for putting up with Kean.
 Here are our little rug rats with their much healthier looking hair.
And even though Kean acted like he was riding a wild bronco--
he looks much, much, much better-- say goodbye to what seriously 
was looking like a mullet!  Thank heavens and good riddance!