Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 17, 2014

Back In the Swing of Things....

Kean slept moderately well and woke up just like his good ol' self.
In fact, you'd never know he gave us such a scare yesterday.
I talked to his little therapy school and they said to bring him on in.
His physical therapist had borrowed this new ($900) contraption
that is designed to get him sitting up right and off his back.
I doubt you've noticed but Kean has several pressure sores on the
back of his head from rolling around so much and preferring to stay on his back.
Evidently, he motored around all morning on the chair-- but when Greer and I 
went to pick him up, he was done!
Greer stayed home from the snowmobile trip with Byron
because her best friend in the world, Eliza was back in town.
Eliza and her family moved to California last summer and
since they were in town for a short trip, the girls all got together
for a "ladies luncheon".
I'm told there were lots of tears when it came time to say goodbye again.
 Byron and the other two girls made it home safe and sound tonight.
I guess they had a grand time and Holland is quite the demon on the snowmobile.
 On their way home from McCall, they got to see a number of ice sculptures,
including this giant cup cake.
Oh, and thanks to Lindsay Pennington who
came by with the sweetest note and two plates of cookies.
That made even Kean feel much more hopeful about all this craziness going on.