Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Frog Prince

Why is nothing as easy as it should be?
I called the Pediatric Neurologist's office today to see if they had received
all of his records so we could actually make an appointment.
The good news is they have.
The bad news is the office nurses have to go through the reports before an appointment can be scheduled.
And the really bad news is the receptionist told me they are scheduling 4 to 6 weeks out.
Yes, you read that right.  I about freaked on her over the phone.
She did assure me they get cancellations and they will likely see him sooner but that didn't make me feel much better.
Our family is on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop-- let me translate-- waiting for another 'episode'.
Here's a perfect example.  I put Kean to bed last night and he finally settled down.
Holland had gone upstairs to print some homework off on the printer and while she
waited she went and checked on Kean.
She came running downstairs in a panic saying he was staring into space,
his forehead was hot and she was certain something was very wrong.
Of course, I went running up.
I took his temperature-- which was fine.
But here's the deal:  I think he was just about asleep when Holland checked on him.
Because by the time we went up there, took his temp and checked him over-- he was just fine
but now full on wide awake.
So awake... he played in his crib until nearly midnight!!!
What a mess we all are.
We worked on Kean's attempts at getting his confidence up in the walking department today
with his P.T., Andrea.
He had one a little better than this one-- that I didn't capture on video.
He walked about five steps.
Slow but steady wins the race, eh?
I've been thinking a lot about all these medications I have to pump into his body
and wondering if they are the culprits for these 'episodes'.
Today he got both of the meds (that according to articles on the Internet)
sometimes cause seizures.  Kinda scary to keep giving him them-- but geez,
what's the alternative.  We have to fight the cancer.
Speaking of meds... here's one for the calendar pin-ups...
here's a throw back to his heavy Steroid days.
I'd like to title this "The Frog Prince".
Rib bit!