Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shoes for Sale...

Well, the ol' Steroids have kicked Kean into power eating mode.
He snacked all day long (and his diapers sure showed that he's eating
and the Miralax is working just fine)!
At Grammy and Grandpa's today he powered through nearly an entire
container of guacamole.
He sure takes after his mother!  I couldn't believe how much he kept stuffing in his mouth.
 Meanwhile, our sweet Greer can hardly walk today.
She (unasked) went down and helped our neighbor, Grandpa Bodily
shovel his driveway and walk yesterday and is really quite sore!
Greer was little Miss Crafter this evening... she made these "Bobs"
out of duct tape.
 And then she made these for her sister.
At this rate, Byron and I are gonna just stay home and put her to work
bringing home the bacon.