Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Cry Baby

I suppose after such an up day yesterday 
we were bound to come down a bit today.
Kean had his therapy school this morning and other than not wanting to use
his feet to walk on his own, he seemed fine when I dropped him off.
I had just finished my grocery shopping and got a call about an hour into his session,
saying he was crying hysterically and I needed to come.
He even kept crying once I got there.
It was really strange.
We could not figure out why in the world he was so upset.
They said he was totally happy for the first 40 minutes.
My mom's theory is he just needed to get it out-- all this
not feeling good and constantly getting poked and prodded finally built up to the breaking point.
Hmmmm, maybe.  By the time I got him home he was fine.
Tired but fine.
He took a decent nap and was ready for tonight.
We had Ron and Elly Moomey over for dinner, dessert and games.
With Greer's prodding, we played "Do you love me?"
The gist of the game is the person who is it... tries everything they can
to get their target to smile or laugh.
 Let's put it this way...
every single one of us were easy marks-- absolute losers
when it came to playing the game...
 except for Ron.
From now on, he'll be known as ol' stone face!
He rocked it!
 As always, Elly broke out the whipped cream
during dessert and went through nearly an entire bottle.
 I swear she cannot be trusted with the stuff.
 Just ask Holland.
Well, actually, Holland asked for it!
And, ohhhh, did she get it good.