Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gray Hair

It is a total wonder my head is not completely covered in gray hair.
I'm pretty sure Byron and I each lost five years off our lives this morning.
We found Kean awake in his crib but completely lethargic, listless and crumpled into a ball.
He was extremely floppy when we got him up.
Well, more so than usual.  Down's kids are all pretty floppy.
He's done this twice before and trust me, it was till just as scary.
Luckily, he perked up a bit after drinking some milk mixed with Pediasure.
I went ahead and took the girls to church while Byron stayed home.
I'll admit, it was pretty hard to concentrate I was so worried-- that is, until
Byron texted me this little gem:
"Cycle ride, cycle ride, cycle ride need I say more?  He's doing fine."
Big Phew!  
I talked at length o an E.R. doctor who happens to go to our church-- he thinks maybe
he got some Botulism from the honey flavored yogurt he ate yesterday.
I guess Botulism makes them have these same symptoms.  Hmmmm, maybe
and guess we will get rid of that flavor of yogurt just to be safe.
Byron and I did get out last night for a Valentine's party with some friends.
There were 24 couples and we were told to bring 24 "creative" Valentines to share.
We had such a fun time.
We first had to decorate a goody bag... I don't know if you can read what
Byron suggested we write on our bag-- "Ain't nothing therapy can't fix".
(Yep, I certainly married Mister Romantic).
We then went around the room and passed out our Valentines goodies.
It was crazy how creative some people were (and how much time they spent)!
One couple (okay, let's be realistic, the wife) made the cutest little
tea cups and saucers out of decorative papers and then had a homemade
chocolate you melt in milk to make hot cocoa!
Another friend made a 'gumball' machine out of terra cotta pots and filled it with candy.
I seriously felt like I was in a room with the much nicer versions of Martha Stewart.
We then played a version of Concentration (the men vs. the women)
and the Newlywed Game.
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time-- but I also felt
like I learned a little too much about everyone there.
It was quite fun and the perfect outlet for de-stressing (in time to get stressed out again this morning)!