Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ah, Hah, Validation!

You should have seen my long list of items to discuss with Kean's cancer doctor
at his Chemo appointment today.
His chemo didn't take all that long-- but the waiting for meds and
discussions with the doctor took an eternity.
Marcie Cook was our very patient and very able Chemo date for the day.
She kept Kean very entertained while I dealt with everything.
 Kean, by the way, was pretty entertaining.
For the first time, he sat all by himself (not on my lap)
for vitals and Chemo.
And he also threw a man-sized fit while the doctor tried to 
check his throat, ears and then his body for swollen lymph nodes.
It took three of us to hold him down.
He's one strong little man!
So here's the scoop;
after a long discussion and a rehash of each of his four
"seizures" and what happened after each one, the doc
agrees with me that it is most likely a severe hypoglycemic
reaction to the chemo med (Mercapturpurine) he takes
nightly on an empty stomach.
She is going to prescribe a diabetes/glucose testing kit (you know the kind where
you poke his finger and take a little blood sample) so we have one on hand if and when
this happens again.  Then we'll know for sure.
But she also wants me to still see the Neurologist next month.
We discussed a ton of other issues-- but those are the highlights.
As for tonight, so far, Kean is feeling good.
Poor Reesey is another story.  She woke up in the wee hours with a stuffy nose,
sore throat and low grade fever.
I rushed her to my parents to spend the day while we went to the hospital.
This evening she is worse.  101 degrees.
Keep your fingers crossed I don't have another day with another doctor!
These dang kids...