Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dos Amigos

Taco night at the Barker Casa.
Kean ate two at dinner... then ate another one when his
dad got home from a meeting.
 Whoa... and not even on Steroids until next week.
 By the way, I'm hoping no one comes over to the house for a few days.
This is what our family room looks like...
No- we don't typically have our washer and dryer in front of the couch.
 We had to replace our water heater and the new one Byron got 
for a smoking deal is massive.
Listen to this little adventure- to put it in, he had to pull out our washer, dryer,
the shelves they sit on and the cabinets above.
Simple, right?
As we removed the top cupboard, Byron backed out the last screw holding it up--
and water started spraying out of the wall like a fireman shooting a hose.
It was crazy-- we were all running around trying to turn off our well,
turn on every faucet in and outside the house to try and bring down the water pressure.
We finally got it to stop-- and boy, did we ever have a mess.
We were absolutely amazed to see that 8 to 9 years ago, when the cabinet was hung,
a screw was accidentally driven through the protector metal plate and right on through
the copper pipe.  It is a wonder we hadn't had a flood many years ago!
 MacGyver spent half the night cutting out old pipes, soddering new ones
(oh, and did I mention the smoke detectors in the house all went off at that point?),
checking the other pipes to make sure they weren't damaged- by cutting out the drywall,
and  removing the now- soaked insulation.
These pictures are from today-- not last night.
So you can see we are slowly getting there.
I'm just grateful I have a husband who can do pretty much anything--
include fix a massive mess!