Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Heartless Butt Head! (How's that for a headline?)

I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or cry hysterically.
Remember how we finally got an appointment to see a Neurologist on March 10th?
Well, we couldn't get in to see the one the E.R. had referred us to for 4 to 6 weeks,
so I went ahead and booked with his partner.
Last night, I sent a message out on a closed group on Facebook--
a group for Idaho's Medically Complicated Children
(and let me tell you-- I'm thankful to have Kean's challenges and not what
some of these other mother's have to deal with).
Anyway, I asked if anyone had any experience with this particular doctor
we now have an appointment to see.
I got back a few lukewarm responses-- and then I got one that said 
quote:  "He's a heartless butt head"!
Okay, not quite sure how to take that.
Usually, I can handle most personalities... but I've never gone into an appointment
with such a biased opinion.
My new plan is to talk this over with Kean's Primary Oncologist during Tuesday's Chemo-- who heads
up the Children's Oncology Department here.
He'll have some advice (or will, perhaps, think I'm crazy)!
On a sweeter note, tonight just before dinner, Kean crawled over
to me and said "Mom, sicle"!
Two great milestones here:  
1.  He used two words
2.  He told me exactly what he wanted.
 And yes, of course I made him wait until after he ate dinner to have his treat.
Never mind that he didn't want to eat much dinner.
Oh, and his other big word today?
He is now calling Holland "Hottie".
Yes, we agree, she is a little hottie.
p.s.  cross your fingers that tomorrow is a quiet Sunday.
Two episodes (perhaps seizures) the past two Sundays
is enough.
If only it were as simple as Greer put it--
Perhaps Kean is just allergic to Sundays.