Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing Favorites

In the throes of homework, school science projects and Holland running for 7th grade Veep...
so something has to give.
And that will be this blog.
Instead of another tour of Fiji's lush landscape and our trip,
you get the story of Kean's reaction when we got home.
He was all smiles and hugs for me until he saw his Pops--
then he wanted  nothing and no one but Daddy and a motorcycle ride.
It is as if he was trying to tell us that Grandpa's lawn mower
just didn't cut it.
And yes, Poppa Bear gave in and gave him plenty of rides.
Listen closely to this little ditty.
He has some new language for motorcycle...
something sqwhy-kul.

By the way, Boy Wonder is doing great today.  He hasn't thrown up since
yesterday in the hospital.  He didn't seem too uncomfortable today and he's eating
like a horse.
Of course, that could be attributed to the fact he's back on Steroids.
We should be getting a visit any day from his "evil twin".
Gotta love those 'roid side effects.