Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Road Trip

I can tell Kean isn't feeling his best between the Chemo he got on Monday hitting him
and the Steroids he's taking again.
The good news is we still see regular glimpses of our sweet, funny boy.
Holland pawned a can of 7-Up off of Grandpa Bodily on her way home from the bus
and was more than happy to share it with Kean.
I was a bit late getting the camera going.
The first few sips were pure entertainment-- his eyes grew wide and
he stopped breathing for a few.
But these subsequent sips are still pretty cute.

I will get to more Fiji posts when I have more time.
But we are packing again.  Well, just us girls.
I'm taking the girls down to Salt Lake City, Utah for
a private Imagine Dragons concert.
The guy who managed some of our performers for Baldapalooza
offered our main board a chance to bring our children down to this concert
as a thank you for all the time we spent on the phone and computers over the past several months--
a kind of peace offering to our children.
Some big company paid Imagine Dragons 200 thousand dollars for the private concert.
I hear they put on an amazing concert.
Plus, two of the acts that performed for us-- Fictionist and Ryan Innes will
be opening for I.D.
Can't wait!