Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Other, Other White Meat

Kean had a really, really good day today for about half an hour
(of course, that's not counting the two motorcycle rides his dad took him on).
Claire, his Speech Therapist came this morning to do his speech evaluation.
He was happy, laughing, engaged, cooperative and even was repeating words and using
his own words appropriately (he said motorcycle ride about 50 times).
Unfortunately, about 30 minutes into his 45 minute eval... he was d.o.n.e.

I just wish he had the words to communicate how he's feeling.
I guess it's not too hard to guess.
I still have great plans to document our incredible trip to Fiji.
So for your reading enjoyment, I thought I'd throw in a Fiji flashback.
We've been home only a week and a half and yet it seems like we were there ages ago.
Anyway, did I mention how beautiful the beaches were?
We gathered up handfuls of sea shells for the girls.
I wanted to tell you a little bit about the people of Fiji.
One of the greatest benefits of staying with Ken and Jan (who live there)
is that we got to not only meet but get to know some of the people who live there.
We were so impressed with their kindness and openness.
It is interesting to me that their history is flavored with
savage cannibalism.  In fact, we were told by our river tour guide that the latest
documented case of cannibalism in Fiji was around 1954.
The islands are now about 80 percent Methodist.
Many, many of those early missionaries who came to convert the Fijians
found themselves as dinner, lunch or breakfast.
Crazy, isn't it?
In fact, that same guide joked that his ancestors especially liked the "white visitors"
because they came pre-salted!
All kidding aside, in these short decades, the people of Fiji have gone from
being savages to being voted the friendliest islanders in the world.
And they'll be the first to tell you that huge turnaround can be traced to being introduced
to Christianity.