Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chemo and Candy Overload

Well, we've got another one of "those" days under our belts.
Chemo through Kean's port.
I was slightly nervous after the accident that there would be a problem
but alas, his blood flowed beautifully when they accessed him- so all was good.
The great and wonderful Robin Clark was our date for the day--
which meant - for Kean  - lots of snacking, lots of waiting and the
grand ritual of watching, yes, you guessed it, Cars.
 Kean had big hugs for one of his favorite nurses, Penny-- even though
she loaded him up with Chemo and gave him a flu shot!
 By tonight, he wasn't feeling so good. Byron stayed home with him
while I took the girls to our church's Halloween carnival.
Greer charmed as a witch during the cake walk.
 Holland ended up as a helper-- this picture doesn't show it well-- but she has
these tattooed glittery lips on-- (thanks April and Chris).
 Reese was the only one not to ditch me for the evening.
She had a grand time going fishing, bobbing for apples,
shooting basket balls for candy and snagging donuts off a string.
 My favorite moment of the evening came when Reese moved over to the next booth,
looked up, saw it said "Kissing Booth" and slowly started to back up!!!
She finally decided she liked this booth when they handed her a chocolate kiss.


Marti said...

One of your kids is not a kisser? Then they all don't take after you two!