Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, October 18, 2013

Jail Break

Either I'm getting braver about taking Kean out into the big, bad, germy world,
or I'm tired of living under house arrest.
Tonight was the big Camp Rainbow Gold Halloween Party at the zoo tonight.
Camp Rainbow Gold is part of the American Cancer Society (they put on camps
for kids with cancer and their families).  Tonight was a party just for kids with
the big C and their families. I figured it was outside and out of everyone, these cancer
families would probably be more careful about germs so the party might be okay for Keanut.
And what a party it was--
from all kinds of carnival games.
 to free reign of the zoo (we even got to see this cute baby snow leopard).
 Kean was totally into the fresh air, all the excitement  and the getting of candy
after every game.  Kean even played a few.
 We spent lots of time on the carousel...
 Surprisingly, Kean wanted nothing to do with riding the wooden horse,
he'd only sit on my lap.
But we took several spins (at Reese's request).
I think by the end of the night the kids were all on a major sugar high.
They had snow cones, a cupcake walk, cookie decorating,
 and donuts-- plus tons of candy as prizes for all the games.
 I swear we nearly needed a suitcase to bring home all the goodies
and treasures (photo booth strips, painted pumpkins, spin art, oh and don't
forget the bags of candy).
I think the best part was the kids getting to see their old camp counselors
and friends from camp.
We all loved it-- even Kean.