Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Evaluation

I was so nervous for today.  It was Kean's first day at his new special "school".
Remember, he's been approved by his Oncologist to go to a 3 hour class
every Monday morning with 3 other special needs kids for extra therapy
and socialization.
They had told me to plan on dropping him off-- l-l-l-l-leaving him.
I was so worried he'd be a real pill for them.
 But things actually turned out okay.
I had to stay and fill out paperwork, then answer a bunch of questions
from the therapists who spent the day evaluating him to get a baseline.
So I did get to see him here and there and he seemed to be just fine.
They even found a "motorcycle" for him to play on-- but it was a tricky one,
one he had to balance on.
I did leave for the last forty minutes.  His teacher/therapist
said he ran out of gas right about then.
No surprises there.
But our hope is, he'll get used to this.
And hopefully flourish.