Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Reluctant Star

Guess where we were this afternoon?
The hospital.
But not for anything scary.
Well, too scary anyway.
Last February, Kean was one of six children who served as inspiration
for the participants in the Boise State Dance Marathon.
The students were raising money for the Children's Miracle Network and St. Luke's.
Today they were shooting a promo video for their next event and asked
if they could get some video of the Keanut man.

 Let's just say he wasn't the most cooperative of subjects.
In fact, he was kind of grouchy.
Blame it on those dang steroids and the fact that they shot the video in the very room
where we spent over a month of our lives when Kean was first diagnosed.
The most traumatic month of our lives.
Talk about freaky--- thankfully, there wasn't a crib in there.  That might
have put Kean over the edge.
 This is how he was most of the shoot--- he didn't want to sit and look cute.
He threw or pushed away just about any toy or item given to him.
It was loads of fun (she said sarcastically).
I'm certain both of us will sleep well tonight.
 Here are the two cute "kids" who were overseeing things today.
Nick and Sidney are both BSU students and not only were they great
to work with... but thankfully, they were patient!