Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Tryout

We might just have a pivotal moment on our hands.
As most of you know, Kean's Oncologists have given him the big thumbs down
for the special needs preschool he was supposed to attend last year and this year.
I've kind of stressed for the past few months, believing that if he was not in isolation
but around his peers, he'd likely be doing much better in the speech and walking department.
So here's the background.  Months before Kean was diagnosed, I signed him up for a program run
by the other big hospital here-- called Jumpstart.
Many of my friends with Down syndrome children have them attend Jumpstart on top
of going to the special needs preschool.
We finally made it onto the list about 6 months ago-- but Kean was too sick.
They called again last week and said they had an opening for a class that only has three other children in it and only
meets one day a week.
Kean's Oncologist, Dr. Camilo got the facts and felt this would be the perfect arrangement for the boy.
Today was the big screening day.
And let me tell you, I was impressed.
They have a therapist assigned to each of the four children.
Not only do they get group time but one on one speech, physical and occupational therapy.
We started the session off with a little pumpkin bowling.
One of the kids (with a therapist) hid behind a "door"-- (a mat) while Kean knocked on the door.
The other child opened it and gave him a small pumpkin that he then rolled down the ramp
and knocked over a number of big plastic bowling pins.
Kean really enjoyed that part of the therapy.

They also had circle time, music time and story time.
Kean was pretty involved until about 40 minutes into the 60 minute assessment.
Then he lost it.
Wanted nothing to do with them or their stories on pumpkins, stuffed witches and plastic cats.
They assured me they deal with all kinds of kiddos so didn't seem to phased with my
very unhappy little boy.
I think they'll make room for him-- but I'll find out for sure later this week.
The other thing that really impressed me was the fact that they probably went through about half a container
of hand sanitizing wipes.  They wiped the kids hands down periodically, they wiped down the pumpkins, toys,
books-- you name it, after every kid touched it.  I did ask if this was all for my benefit -- well, for Kean's--
and they assured me this is their regular routine.  With the one therapist to one kid ratio, they want to keep the kids and the adults healthy and stay busy.
Makes sense to me.
I'll let you know if it's a go!
Sure hope so.