Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Madam Vice President

The elections are over
and I'm so happy to announce that Miss Holland won and is her school's new 7th grade V.P.
She ran against a slew of boys and according to Byron who heard her speak to the middle school--
she nailed it.
So proud.
Bet you can't tell who is more thrilled:  Holland or her photo bomber sister.
 To celebrate, Byron agreed to take the girls out to dinner while I stayed home with Kean.
Only this time, we really broke the rules and took Kean out with us.
We took Lysol wipes and spray and asked the hostess to seat us away from everyone
(thank heavens it was a Tuesday night).
Kean was giddy, ate great and only threw a few pieces of food.
That's progress!
Anyway, we felt almost normal.
One more thing.  One of Greer's close friends at school
has been working on making a hat for the Keanut man.
She finished it and sent it home for Kean.
Love it.
It's even "Cars" colors.
Thanks Celeste.
Can't say I know many 10 year old girls who make hats for sick little boys.
What a sweet gesture.


Teresa said...

So excited for Holland! Congrats to her! She'll be so awesome. So happy Kean got to go celebrate, too! What a fun time for him!