Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, October 5, 2013

In the Flesh

We are home and boy, oh boy did we have a great time.
We drove down to Salt Lake yesterday in time to meet with the executives
from a pretty large company based in SLC (but with offices in 49 states).
The company is interested in working with us to form a foundation and take
Baldapalooza to other communities.
The meeting was a lot of fun and we are moving forward.
Pretty exciting stuff!
Then we headed back to our hotels and quickly got ready for our big night--
the Imagine Dragons concert featuring one of our Balda bands... Fictionist
as the opener.
The two bands were performing for a private party-- a big company in SLC
so it was not open to the public.
Sam, the manager of some of the bands we used for Balda booked the concert
(200 grand for Imagine Dragons to play for this company party)... and got
the board members of our charity tickets for our families.
 Our seats really weren't that great but I ran into a friend I knew
from when we lived in Arizona 11 years ago and they were leaving pretty early
in the evening and said we could have their five seats.
So Greer, Reese, Holland and my cousin Taylor (we ended up with an extra ticket)
all headed down to these much, much better seats.
 I'm kinda embarrassed to admit I only knew a handful of Imagine
Dragons' songs.
But let me tell you, they put on one heck of a show.
Their song Radioactive was incredible... so much more intense than what
you hear on the radio.
Holland videotaped-- I think every song except for two.
We ended up sitting exactly behind Ryan Innes-- the Voice stand-out
who was our headliner for Baldapalooza.
In fact, I sat next to his very cool parents.  Small world.
After the concert, we ran into our favorites-- the boys from Fictionist.
Lead singer, Stuart took a balloon Greer had caught and made a self portrait.
(The company relased hundreds of balloons during the concert-- many of them had money inside.
Ryan's dad got one with a $20 bill).
 Fictionist regularly opens for Imagine Dragons.
We adore these guys and can't wait for the day when we can
say we knew them when.
What a fun night and a cool first ever concert for three little girls.