Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Secret Ingredients

Today was a pretty big day-
well, maybe not in Kean's estimation-- but in mine.
I took him to church.
Yep.  The first time since June 2012.
Today was the big children's program at church-- not only did Greer and Reese
have speaking parts but Greer sang a song with a few other girls.
And I didn't want to miss it.
Since Byron was out of town (as is my mom), I didn't have anyone to leave him with.
So I took him to church late, left early and we stayed in the very back -- away from most everyone.
My dad went with us.
I'm just not so sure how much Kean got out of the meeting.
About the only time he stopped telling me he wanted a motorcycle ride or to watch Cars
was when the children sang songs.  Thankfully, they sang quite a bit.
By the way, in the program, each of the children participate
with a speaking part.  The teacher of the class, Kean is supposed to be in got up
and said how Kean Barker is thankful for blessings and tractor rides.
It was quite sweet.
 Grandpa came back to our house for dinner and the after dinner making of cookies.
(Reese finally got 100% on her spelling test and requested peanut butter cookies).
 Only thing is, I'm not sure you'd consider Grandpa super helpful.
He tortured and teased the girls by sneaking popcorn, red hots and licorice candies
into the cookie dough.
Crazy Grandpa!
Byron and Holland made it home a little after 8.
They said the funeral was wonderful.