Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Verdict

I got a call today from the lady at the Jumpstart program.
And it looks like they will take Kean.
She had a gazillion questions about how to make it work and keep him healthy.
He starts on the last Monday of this month.  They want me to drop him off--
leave him-- for the full three hours.
They think if I'm there, he'll constantly turn to me for comfort.
All I can say, is I feel sorry for them.
I'm pretty sure it will be rough for the first few weeks until he gets used to it.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch-- never a dull moment.
Reese decided tonight to hold "Art School".
We all had to refer to her as Mrs. Barker and got to make pipe cleaner spiders,
Kleenex ghosts, etc.
 Reese somehow got Kean to make a few scribbles on a coloring page.
 But mostly he had fun crawling around, hanging out and ignoring Mrs. Barker.
 It was a good break after doing homework all evening.
Oh, and April, this is for you.
April sent home a roll of mustache duct tape for our resident duct tape artist, Greer.
The girl can make just about anything out of the stuff-- purses, wallets, clothing, doll clothes,
hair bands, ties, flip flops, notebooks, place mats and even
curtains for her room.
Now if we could only get her to put that much energy and effort into her homework.