Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Horsin' Around

Well we've talked all about Kean's obsession with the movie Cars-- probably ad nausea.
In fact, the other night, Byron was up checking on our ancient dog, Zoe when he
caught a whiff coming out of Kean's bedroom-- and trust me it wasn't cologne.
This is my favorite part of the story-- Byron changed Kean's stinky diaper.
But here's what will likely be your favorite part of the story--
Kean was really out of it, you know, with his eyes practically rolled back into his head.
After all, it was past 3 in the morning.
When Byron was nearly done with the dirty deed, Kean cracked open his eyes,
made the sign for motorcycles and whispered "Dad... cycle ride?"
Gotta love that freakishly obsessed kid!
Coming in second, would be his fixation with horses.
During therapy last week, we were having him do a dog puzzle
and didn't have the heart to correct him each time he called a pup a horse.
For today's horse therapy, he was happy to be outside.
But lately, right in the middle of riding he will try to ditch off.
Good thing we are ready and waiting!