Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Pickers

Whoa... you should see my refrigerator.
I have buckets and buckets of strawberries, raspberries
and cherries.
This evening, our entire family (Kean supervised from his stroller)
went down to the Bodily's to help them pick all the cherries off their 
three trees.
 Let's just say there were enough cherries to supply a grocery store.
(If you visit my house or the Bodily's in the next few days, you'll likely leave with some of the red stuff).
 This picking, came after the girls and I picked our strawberries
and raspberries this afternoon.
All that slave labor had to be rewarded--
so we made fresh raspberry shakes for the gang.
And all that supervising and taste testing
was quite wearing on the boy.
He tanked down that milkshake in nothing flat.
It will sure be interesting to see how much he weighs next week
at the hospital.
A few weeks ago, he was a whopping 35 pounds.
Reese, by the way, is 40 dripping wet.