Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yee haw.  Today was the last day of school.
And let me tell you, it was the easiest morning ever
to get the girls up and out of bed!
What's up with that?
Last night, Greer opened a belated birthday gift from
Ron and Elly Moomey-- what she wanted so badly--
a jacuzzi foot massager.
 She and Reese got it going first thing this morning before school.
You know how important it is to be relaxed and have soft feet 
before heading off to the stressful last day of school (field day).
  Here they are on their last morning bus ride with their driver Don.
Wonder who's more excited?  The bus driver or the kids?
 While the girls were off slogging away, Kean and I met
his Physical Therapist, Andrea for an early morning workout at the park.
 He got lots of walking in...
and lots of sliding.
In fact, today his favorite thing was to walk up the slides--
with some help from mom and Andrea.
"Motorcycle Jeff" rewarded Kean for his hard workout with
an evening ride.
See that little box about chest high to Keanut?
It's a Go Pro camera.
Jeff has a little video in the works.
As for the girls?  They were rewarded for their last day,
their end of the school year and their good grades
with a little bit of frozen yogurt and a whole lot of candy on top.
I can't believe Holland will be in 8th grade next year,
Greer in 6th (she's officially done with elementary school)
and Reese in 3rd.
Wow, how did that happen?