Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Musical Rooms

Big sigh over here.
Kean was back to his normal self.
Still don't know what yesterday was all about...
but I'm relieved it's in the rear view mirror.
We had horse therapy today...
Candace's daughter joined us to help lead Romeo.
She's this tiny thing that just muscles that big ol' horse around.
 We were excited to hear that Kean's old regular ride--
Reba is with child.
Can't wait to see a little one next Spring.
As for the rest of the family?
A month ago, Greer and Reese put together a presentation-
complete with charts, sketches and outlines-
to convince us to shake up all the kids' bedrooms.
So as of tonight, Kean is back in his own room (yippee),
Holland has moved from the big room downstairs to
Reese and Kean's old room
and Reese and Greer now have the big room downstairs.
Hope you followed that!
Trust me, it was a lot of furniture moving.