Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, June 20, 2014

Super Stars

All this week the girls have been attending a little drama camp
at a friend's house.
They practiced each day and then tonight put on High School Musical
for all the parents and families.
Reese had a few speaking parts and was on the basketball team-- 
go figure-- the tiniest munchkin in the family!
Greer-- who would have preferred to have one of the lead roles
played a few small parts--
 including Amazon cheerleader girl- look how tall she is.
 It was cute and the girls had fun-- that's what counts, eh?
 The gal who produced it is only a junior in high school (next year).
She's been doing these summer camps since she was in 7th grade--
pretty impressive.
She gave each of the kiddos a certificate and homemade trophy-
including Miss Holland who worked as her assistant this year.
 Greer informed us she did not want flowers given to her on stage
at the end of the play-- instead she preferred donuts.
(They get their sweet tooth from Byron, not me)!
 One fun footnote, Byron's cousins from Spokane are visiting for the
next few days.  This was my first time meeting them and they are
wonderful!  I'm not just saying that because they came bearing
the most beautiful gifts.
Ray is a professional artist-- a potter and made all these
pieces for the Barker's.
Wow, we take them to see the girls' play
and they give us these gorgeous works of art.
Hmmmm, wonder who got the better end of the deal!