Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jam Packed

You know Thursday is gonna be a good day
'cause it is horse therapy day.
Kean got to ride Romeo again and have the
lovely and talented 7 year-old Loryn as our lead.
She even got up early and did her hair all cute for Kean today!
 And the day just got better for Keanut.
Two motorcycle rides two nights in a row.
Tonight, Motorcycle Bill-- Jeff's boss drove over
to get his fix and give a fix.
We also headed over to my parents house for a few hours.  
My Aunt and Uncle are visiting after spending a year in the Ukraine.
My uncle was the mission president for our church over there and
with all the craziness and unrest-- they had to evacuate all their missionaries
and then about 3 weeks later, they had to get out.
Good thing-- the violence really escalated two days after they left.
Also, my mom's older brother and his wife just returned a week ago
from serving in Hong Kong.
Talk about interesting stories all around tonight.
I didn't want to leave.
 But we needed to get home to Mister Handsome Sr.
It is his birthday today-- but not much of one.
He was stuck all evening at a work training seminar
that concluded with a test.
We promise to party this weekend.
Happy birthday honey.