Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, June 6, 2014

Burnin' Down The House

Any excuse to party seems to be our motto lately.
We let Holland throw an end of the school year party--
but this one had a twist.
First off, though, we let Greer and Reese each invite friends.
And the whole group started out with a swim.
 Then since they were freezing in the 80 degree temperatures,
they all had to warm up by making s'mores.
 Here's the twist, Byron built a bonfire out on the edge of the garden
and all the kids took turns throwing all of their school papers into the flames.
 It was grand.
They each took turns-- kind of like at a funeral--
saying their goodbyes to the past school year.
I think this is going to become a yearly tradition for us.
Swimming, S'mores and burning homework
turned out to be a pretty popular idea.