Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, June 8, 2014

King of the Hill

Gotta love Sunday mornings.
Kean and Byron stayed home to do "boy things".
Notice Byron is now crutches free and yes, still putting too
much weight on that leg (including the extra Kean weight!).
But any time I question him... he tells me he knows
his body better than any doctor.
I'm sure you'll agree, that doesn't sound like Byron at all!
 Then tonight, we had Ron an Elly Moomey (along with their two visiting
grandchildren) and Mark and Calene Borup over for dinner.
We played charades and that iPhone app-- Head's Up
until our stomachs hurt from laughing.
Here's Reese doing her best impersonation of a "Rock Star".
Dang, too bad tomorrow's Monday!