Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Funeral Number Two

Honestly, I thought today would be an overly emotional one for the girls
after burying Zoe last night.
But they were in a pretty even zone.
Byron had found several old pictures of our sweet dog,
so they started out the morning remembering and oohing
and ahhing.
I had to share this one-- it cracked us all up.
Back in the day, Byron was involved in scouts and
Zoe regularly went out hikes and camping excursions as his assistant.
She had her own pack and carried her own bed roll.
She was totally in to it and all serious about her duties.
 We had our second funeral in two days-- the funeral for
our dear friend, Anthony Moretti.
He was only 12 and died of brain cancer last week.
As we loaded into the car this morning, Greer told me
she didn't think she had any tears left to cry.
We were glad we went though, Anthony was a spiritual kid--
one wise beyond his years.
His dad told the story of how that how after months of Chemo
and thinking he had beat it-- pain in his hip and a subsequent MRI
showed the cancer was now in his spine.
Anthony was understandably angry.
Yet, as his father said how he wished he could change places
and how he wished he was the one with the cancer--
Anthony said no, I'm glad it's me.  I wouldn't want anyone
I love to have to go through this.
Kind of gives you an idea of his character and strength.
In his short life, he definitely touched more lives than most of us do
in a long lifetime.
The church was packed with his friends, classmates, teammates etc.
Meanwhile, my mother and our friend, Melanie Clark took Kean
for his Chemo procedure (the one where they put the meds in his brain and spine).
I was so nervous and torn to not be with him-- but my prayers were answered
and things could not have gone any better.
And I swear, you'd think the doctors shot him up with "happy juice"
instead of Chemo--
he was in the best mood this afternoon.
All giggly, cute and yummy.
It started hitting him a bit tonight, but whew, so glad
things went so well.
What a blessing.