Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dysfunctional Relationship

So I have this full on love-hate relationship with Chemo.
My head knows it's helping to kill the cancer cells in Kean's body
but my heart breaks to watch him so miserable.
 He whimpered and whined all afternoon-- and he has bitten his 
thumbs until they are raw.
Stupid side effect of one of the drugs he takes is jaw pain
and he gets it like clockwork.
 Don't know what I'd do without his big sister to dance with him
and give me a break for a few.
 He did pull it together for this morning-- he had horse therapy
and did great- even after his horse got spooked, lunged to the side
and nearly tossed him.
He held on.  I held on and he somehow stayed on.
We giggled and made a big deal out of how fun that was
(even though I was freaked out on the inside) and he
bought it-- and carried on.
My sweet, little, exhausted but brave boy is in bed now.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be better for both of us.
It is a pretty tall order to ask a parent to try
and comfort a boy who is clearly suffering.
Keep swimming, keep swimming, right?
p.s.  our dear neighbors, the Kwid's brought by
brownies and a sympathy card to remember our lost dog, Zoe
and my friend, Candace Riggs brought by a big ol' bag of cherries
she picked.  Nothing cures the blues like chocolate and fresh cherries.
Thank you.