Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Big Screen

We finally celebrated Byron's birthday tonight
(since he had a work training meeting on Thursday).
 We also celebrated Ray's birthday which was earlier this week.
Byron's cousin, Linda and Ray have been visiting this weekend
and spoiling us rotten.
We've loved getting to know them.
 But Kean, perhaps, got the best present---
not only a Harley ride with Motorcycle Jeff...
but also the grand premiere of the music video Jeff
put together of their rides into the sunset.
 It is fabulous--- so fun to see how Kean reacts and what he's doing
during those long rides in the wind.
Half the fun tonight was watching him watch himself on the screen.
I have a feeling this will be played over and over and over and over again
in our house.
Stay tuned... I'll link it when I get it loaded on YouTube.
It is priceless!


gramyflys said...

I betcha "Cars" is gonna take a back seat to this! Can you post a little of the video on here?