Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reese's Turn

I was back at the girls' school today.
It was Reese's turn to get an award.-- surprise, surprise-- an award for
physical fitness.
 She's such a tiny thing... but I did notice she's just barely
shorter than some of the other kids in her grade.
That's a huge leap for her-- last year she was a head shorter
than the other students.
 The assembly was kinda fun.
They had three BSU football players talk to the children
about physical fitness, good attendance and integrity.
This afternoon, the school also had it's annual talent show.
Greer auditioned last week and got in.
She sang her little heart out
and while the video isn't so great, she sure sounds fabulous.
Sadly, I had to miss her performance.
We had a big Baldapalooza meeting that was scheduled
before the talent show..
Mark your calendars for September 5th--
exciting stuff to come!