Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Epic One

What a way to start Father's Day.
Reese first thing this morning told her Daddy "how lucky we are to 
have Dads that do everything for us.  You know, when we break things,
you can fix them and Dads can go to work for us...."
Byron said- "Great, so I'm nothing more than a slave-- she's already learned 
what every other woman knows:  men are just here to serve women!"
Smart girl, eh?
Kean was a little kinder.
Byron was trying to teach him to say Happy Father's Day.
We did get a few "Happy's" if you listen close.
Actually, I think he had a really nice day.
The Moomey's came over for diiner,
and the girls made him cool little gifts...
 like these minis-- a donut, a computer, an ice cream cone,
a caterpillar out of clay from Greer.
 He also got a book-- all about Kean's thing for cycle rides
and how all these angels came to the rescue after Byron broke his leg.
It's a keeper.
 But the best, perhaps, is the chocolate cake we let the girls
go crazy and decorate all on their own.
It's hard to read but it says something along the lines of
"You are an epic lady's man.  Happy Father's Day".
I don't think a day goes by-- that Byron doesn't tell
Kean they are lady's men-- as they sit at the table surrounded by
all us girls.
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there-- and
especially to the Dad's in my life:  my Dad and my husband.
They are both wonderful fathers, amazing examples
and incredible men of integrity.
Daily, they teach us to do the right thing through not only
their words but their examples.
We adore them both and count them among our greatest blessings.