Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Survivor

I have new faith in the future of our youth.
Last night, this handsome guy, Alex Hill came by with his father,
(the Bishop of our church congregation).
 Alex made Kean a "survivor's" bracelet--
the orange cancer ribbon- to represent Leukemia and grey to represent him being a fighter.
 And he wrote the sweetest note about Kean "inspiring him
to get through trials in life".
He did this all on his own-- he wasn't assigned or asked --
it was all his idea.
I'm so impressed with this 13 year-old.
 I can't say Kean was very inspiring today when we took him to get his hair cut.
He has a photo shoot coming up next week for a hospital project
and my friend, Tammy agreed to try and fix my butchered haircuts.
 It took every bit of muscles Holland and I have to hold him somewhat still.
And he still cried and screamed and grunted and growled.
I swear, it was more traumatic for him than getting Chemo!
Luckily, Motorcycle Jeff came and made it all better...
with a much beloved ride on the Harley.